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Osteoporosis and the Elderly Spine

Our treatments for people in this age group may vary due to individual circumstances however we will generally do some gentle stretching, soft tissue massage and give exercises that are taylored to the patients needs. If required we may use Laser therapy on swollen and arthritic joints or a therapeutic Ultrasound to alleviate pain. We do not use heavy handed techniques on people with Osteoporosis or Severe joint degeneration. For people in this category that have facet joint issues we have the impulse adjusting tool. A highly effective and delicately designed instrument to reduce pain and mobilize even the smallest of joints.


Our treatment of children and infants varies depending on individual circumstances however our techniques generally include exercise prescription, activity modification advice, gentle stretching, dietary changes where appropriate, massaging, or the use of our the extremely gentle impulse adjusting tool that is capable of reducing joint restrictions and managing pain with minimal pressure.

General Treatment Options

We offer a variety of treatment options for people of all ages and sizes. Before you undergo treatment with us we will demonstrate all of the available options and find out just which option you would prefer. We use a combination of high force, low force, traction, electrical stimulation, therapeutic devices, massage, dry needling and other other therapies to make sure you get exactly what you are most comfortable with. If you have seen a chiropractor before we are happy to treat you exactly the way you want to be treated. Our skills are highly advanced and our approach is absolutely holistic. We have the equipment and the knowledge to make sure you receive comprehensive care.

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