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Sports Injury Management and Rehabilitation at Inline Health Chiropractic

Chiropractor helping patient on exercise ballAt Inline Health Chiropractic we offer a variety of services and practitioners so that you can be assured that you get back on the field as quickly as possible. We offer dry needling, traditional acupuncture, laser therapy, Electrostimulation, ultrasound therapy, Bowen therapy, remedial massage therapy, active release and myotherapy, spinal manipulation, home rehabilitation programs, custom made orthotics, custom braces, moon boots, elbow splints and wrist supports.

We also provide inhouse one on one rehabilitation programs, prehab rehabilitation (prior to surgery) and post-operative care for surgeries ranging from knee reconstructions and shoulder reconstructions to spinal decompression.

Concussion and Return To Play

AFL, NRL, FIFA, NHF, FEI and the Australian Olympic team concussion policy requires that an athlete that is hit in the head during their sport is assessed at the time of the incident and 3 hours after the incident. It is then very important that the athlete seeks further assessment from their health professional 36-48 hours after the incident. We incorporate the SCAT5 (Sports Concussion Assessment Tool) into our assessment 48 hours after concussion. Depending on our findings we can then make a decision as to how long a player must abstain from certain activities in their return to play. Sometimes a mandatory period of rest may apply.

Our Practitioners Have The Experience That You Can Count On

Dr Christopher Vandeloo ChiropractorDr Christopher Vandeloo has worked with Australian Rules Football players, Australian cricketers as well as amateur athletes for over 9 years. Past experiences include helping with recovery and injury management for the Australian Ice hockey team’s during the winter games, Assisting Australian Olympic powerlifters with performance and injury management, weightlifters, marathon runners, netballers, cyclists and Golfers to compete at their best. Dr Vandeloo continues to develop his concussion management, pre-habilitation and rehabilitation skills.

Dr Andrew Lawrence ChiropractorDr Andrew Lawrence has worked with golfers, cyclists and other athletes for the last 40 years. He has an abundance of experience in post-operative care as well as injury management and rehabilitation. Dr Lawrence trained in Iowa USA and has also maintained his dual registration as a qualified pharmacist.
Dr. Emma RutkisDr Emma Rutkis has been working with netballers, basketballers and Australian rules footballers (male and female) over the past few years with outstanding results when treating a whole range of injuries. Dr Rutkis is undertaking further training in sports chiropractic rehabilitation and physical therapy. In her spare time Dr Rutkis is a netball coach, a trainer for local football clubs and continues her professional development as a sports chiropractor.

All of our remedial massage therapists are trained in Sports Massage, deep tissue massage and relaxation massage.

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