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Clinical Strength and Conditioning

Clinical Strengthening and conditioning Clinical Strengthening and conditioning is one on one in clinic exercise between a client and a doctor.
Clinical strength and conditioning programs are designed for clients with Diabetes, heart conditions, weight management issues, weight loss, chronic pulmonary disease, chronic disease Osteoporosis sufferers and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

Our Doctors also tailor conditioning programs for athletes looking to improve their performance and individuals looking to take their physical health to a new level. You will train with a chiropractor or an exercise physiologist ensuring you will be provided with the most well researched programs, the latest exercises and the proper understanding of your body that you can never get from a personal trainer.

Our Doctors may recommend a strengthening program in addition to a hands on treatment program to provide a long term fix to chronic conditions such as lower back pain.

All our strength and conditioning programs are covered under private health insurance and medicare. Our programs are created by a team of healthcare practitioners and referral from your GP are accepted.



Our Strength and Conditioning programs are completed in our state of the art facility in Essendon.
Individual sessions are priced at $60.
Bulk purchases can be made of 15 sessions for $600.
Bulk purchases of 20 sessions $700
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