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Clinical Strength and Conditioning at Inline Health Chiropractic

Are you ready to feel better, stronger and healthier? We’re proud to offer strength and conditioning services to our community. One on one training with our elite staff boasting an intricate knowledge of injuries and proper management has never been so affordable.

What is Clinical Strengthening and Conditioning?

Clinical Strengthening and conditioning Clinical strengthening and conditioning is one on one in clinic exercise between a client and a doctor.

The programs are designed for clients with diabetes, heart conditions, weight management issues, weight loss, chronic pulmonary disease, chronic disease, osteoporosis sufferers, and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

All of our programs are based on current research and the best available clinical evidence. In addition, our programs are conducted by our qualified allied health professionals including our Essendon chiropractors and exercise therapists.

  • Pre-natal exercise programs (8-week course): Our pre-natal program includes one on one training with your health practitioner to strengthen the lower back muscles and increase pelvic floor strength to aid the carrying and birthing process. Patients will attend one on one training on a weekly basis. The training programs are very safe, gentle and incorporate the best practices for mother and child. This course is ideal for women suffering from lower back pain, pelvic instability and bladder leakage during pregnancy. If our clinician feels that it would be unsafe for you to be enrolled into one of our programs they will raise the issue with you and discuss it prior to your sessions. Please speak to your specialist obstetrician prior to enrolling in one of our programs if you are unsure if exercise is appropriate for you. The course consists of 9-16 sessions.
  • Post-natal exercise program (8-week course): Our post-natal exercise programs are designed to help assist with pelvic floor strength, core strengthening, muscle toning and re balancing. Each program is designed using the best available scientific data and clinical outcomes. This course may be safe for the majority of women. Your clinician will be able to determine how best to conduct your exercise routines keeping in mind any existing injuries or illness. The course runs for roughly 16 sessions.
  • Back pain management program (6-week intense course): Our 6-week, 12 session intense back pain management course is a combination of hands on therapy and exercise to strengthen weak muscles and improve muscle activation. Our clinicians are highly experienced in the management of back pain and the best available evidence suggests that Chiropractic in conjunction with medical management and an exercise management program may be more beneficial than any other stand-alone management of back pain. For more information please refer to our current research page;
  • Osteoporosis treatment program (16-week intensive program – 32 sessions): Rebuilding bone mineral density is a long and stressful process. Having some guidance and motivation throughout the process can be the difference between achieving the outcome you are looking for and failing to achieve your desired result. We may organise your follow up DEXA scan and monitor your progress even after your program has ended. There is no age limit for this program.
  • Weight management program (12-week weight management program – 12-36 sessions): Weight loss can be challenging, however with the right advice and co management between health professionals such as an exercise practitioner and behaviour modification practitioner, you can hit the ground running. Our programs are designed for people of all fitness levels, shapes and sizes. Sessions are 30 minutes long and are charged at $35.00 per session. Private health rebates are available.


Single one on one sessions are priced at $60. Sessions included in any of our custom exercise programs are charged at only $35.00 per session. Private health rebates are accepted.

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