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NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) Chiropractors at Inline Health Essendon

inline child holding spineAt Inline Health, we stock an amazing range of pillows, braces, back rests, foam rollers, posture braces, custom shoes, custom orthotics, ergonomic back rests, massage balls, massage guns, Electrostimulation units and products that can assist you with activities of daily living such as walkers, strollers, wheels chairs, beds and arm chairs. Having these items picked for you by an expert such as a licensed Chiropractor can be the difference between buying an item that helps you and improves your everyday life or purchasing an object which sits in the corner of a room and never gets used.

Low cost assistive technology (mostly items under $1500.00) can be purchased directly from our clinic and covered by your NDIS plan if you have “consumables” in your budget.

Participants who are self-managing low cost assistive technologies

Most participants who have low cost AT included in their plan (under ‘Consumables’) are self-managing these supports. This enables participants to purchase low cost Inline health products directly from the provider of their choice, and to claim the payment via the myplace participant portal (no service booking required).

Participants whose funds are plan-managed

Participants whose funds are plan-managed will work with their Registered Plan Management Provider to make payment arrangements with their Inline health provider.

Participants whose funds are agency-managed

Participants who have opted to have their low cost assistive technologies Agency-managed will need a service booking created in order for the provider to claim for low cost AT in their in plan. These support items are not subject to price limits.


Each N $1.00 Low Cost AT – Personal Care And Safety 03_090000911_0103_1_1 Must be claimed as a secondary support.

Each N $1.00 Low Cost AT – Personal Mobility 03_120000911_0105_1_1 Must be claimed as a secondary support.

Each N $1.00 Low Cost AT – Prosthetics And Orthotics 03_060000911_0135_1_1 Must be claimed as a secondary support.

Each N $1.00 Low Cost AT – Support Capacity Building delivery 15_222400911_0124_1_3 Must be claimed as a secondary support.

Orthotic – Foot (all types) and Prefabricated Orthotic Footwear 05_061203111_0135_1_2 Prefabricated orthotic to support the foot, improve posture and correct any imbalances (includes off the shelf orthopaedic footwear) Each.

Assistive Products Relating to Recreation – Sport 05_300000111_0112_1_2 Accessories and products to enable participation in recreation or sport as agreed and described in plan (AT assessment may be required prior to claiming); as described in plan.

Each N Bicycle – Adapted for Hand Propulsion 05_121805111_0112_1_2 Hand-propelled, two-wheeled cycles for an individual with functional limitations.

Each Y Bicycle – Tricycle and/or Carts 05_121800121_0112_1_2 Bicycles, tricycles adapted for specific functional needs – primarily for children Each.

NDIS -friendly Services


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Other services you may be able to utilise at Inline health include chiropractic services, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, remedial massage and psychology. All these services can be accessed if your managed plan is approved for these services prior to your first visit. If you need assistance in dealing with your plan manager please contact us at Inline health HQ. PH 9379 5425 or send us an email at We look forward to helping you!

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